About the International Conference

The Colombian National Federation of Oil Palm Growers – FEDEPALMA and its Research Center CENIPALMA are hosting the 19th International Oil Palm Conference, between the 26nd and the 28th of September 2018, in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia. This event serves as a space for the national and international oil palm sector to share experiences and lessons learned, establish new contacts, and strengthen or form research and development alliances.

Colombia is the number one producer of palm oil in Latin America and the fourth in the world. As such, we are leaders in oil palm cultivation and extraction, and over 2,000 people form more than thirty countries came to our event in its previous version.

The audience is mostly oil palm growers from around the world, with a high concentration of Latin-Americans. Members of the transformation chain are also present, as well Colombian government officials. Both national and international media cover our event. 


Balance of the 2015 Conference

  • In 2015, the event had over 2,000 attendees including:
    • Oil Palm Growers
    • Oil Palm Processors and Traders
    • Members of the Chain
    • Academia
    • Public Sector
    • NGOs
  • 30 countries represented in the event
  • 100 commercial stands
  • 67 speakers