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Cartagena: The City to Discover Oil Palm


To speak about Cartagena is to bring forth stories, colors, traditions, and the unmistakable smell of the sea in a very romantic city. It is also to feel the proximity of the magic land of Macondo (from Garcia Marquez’ One Hundred Years of Solitude), site of one the most wonderful stories ever written. 

Cartagena was declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site over thirty years ago, thanks to its magical stone streets and the variety of balconies that decorate its spaces. The smell of coffee in those elegant but rustic spots, the strongholds, the bright blue color of the sky that melts with the color of the sea, the cultural demonstrations filled with music and the joy of those dancing, the beaches of Bocagrande, and the crafts at the vaults of the Historic Center, are some of the many reasons to visit Cartagena.

All this and more make of Cartagena a perfect place to combine business with pleasure. The warmth of its people, the multicultural knowledge, and the world-class events, such as the International Oil Palm Conference, that in its 18th version comes together at this beautiful place to showcase oil palm to Colombia and the world.

Cartagena is filled with stories to discover and many others to experience. Join us in the International Conference to learn about sustainable development in the regions where oil palm is grown, thanks to the labor of the communities that are betting on progress, employment, and wellbeing.

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